Sony has announced, as part of its partnership deal with Google, that it will have its first internet TV out in time for Christmas in the US.

According to the company, Sony will be the world’s first TV to incorporate the "Google TV" platform later this year.

Through an easy-to-use interface, consumers will be able to search and access content from their TVs and across the Internet - a rich internet experience on consumers’ TVs says the company.

“Sony Internet TV” is scheduled to first launch in the US the autumn of 2010 with the lineup featuring both a standalone TV model and set top box-type unit incorporating a Blu-ray disc drive.

“The combination of Sony’s industry-leading product design, engineering and development expertise with the flexibility and growth potential of Google’s innovative, open-source Android platform will provide consumers with a world of new and exciting Internet user experiences. Through this alliance, Sony will deliver new levels of connectivity and Internet integration across our range of assets and product categories”, said Howard Stringer, chairman, president and CEO, Sony Corporation.

So chuffed by the new OS announced by Google, Sony has even gone as far as to say that the two companies are also exploring extending the alliance in connection with Sony’s wide range of entertainment assets, to establish new forms of cloud-based user experiences.

Could that Sony tablet we've heard rumours about be running Google TV, Chrome OS or Android?

We will keep you posted.