Sony has revealed its line-up of Bravia televisions for the coming year, with a new "Monolithic Design" aesthetic that will soon make older flatscreen TVs on stands look dated.

"Go on an incredible 3D journey", purrs Sony about the new models. "Connect to a world of online entertainment, enjoy the beauty of a cinematic screen or simply add a unique Monolithic Design statement to your home".

The Monolithic tellies recline at a lazy 6-degree angle, supposedly ideal for all you trendsters with "low, contemporary furniture".

The 40-, 52- and 60-inch flagship Bravia LX900 offers Full HD 3D (with glasses), Wi-Fi access for internet bits and bobs, Motionflow 200Hz Pro and an "Intelligent Presence Sensor" that supposedly understands who is watching the TV, via face recognition, and can tell kids to step back from the screen, meaning you'll save money on a babysitter, at least.

Other models in the new Bravia range include the HX900, HX700, NX800, NX700, NX500, NX400, EX700, EX600, EX500, EX402, EX40B, EX302, BX400, BX300, BX200, BX20D, all of which we'll bring you news on when they get announced for the UK market.