Independent survey results released by Sony show that 64% of Europeans are planning on staying in and entertaining at home over the Christmas period this year, rather than splurging money on going out.

"That means the television will be playing a vital role in much of the entertainment, whether it be viewing cheerful Christmas programmes, playing group games on consoles, or watching the latest DVD and Blu-ray movies", says the Japanese electronics giant.  

And it seems the majority of us are a design-conscious lot with over half questioned stating they value the look of their TV over the screen real estate.

To be precise, 53% of Europeans value the look of their TV over the size and out of the 5000-plus consumers surveyed, 58% felt their television would be "an important part" of their festivities when entertaining friends and family at home this Christmas.

"Consumers are now expecting their home entertainment products to do more and more, not only does this mean in the functions but also to reflect their lifestyles in the design", says Tak Kawagoi, director at Sony Design Centre Europe.