Sky has revealed how many reality TV addicts set their Sky+ boxes to record shows this weekend just gone as - gasp - two rival broadcasters scheduled "talent" programmes to clash.

Anyone who wanted to watch (and apparently there's millions of you out there) both "X Factor" and "Strictly Come Dancing" on Saturday were out of luck, unless of course they had some kind of televisual recording equipment.

Sky says that 1.9 million households across the UK chose to set their Sky+ boxes to record either show.

While X Factor drew 9.3 million viewers compared to Strictly Come Dancing's 7.7 million, over 1.2 million people chose to watch X Factor at a later time via Sky+, whilst around half that (686,000) set their boxes for Strictly Come Dancing.

A Sky spokesperson commented: "It's great we've been able to save two million people from a difficult decision and enabled them to watch every second of their favourite shows".