Sky has said that it is preparing for the lack of 3D enabled TVs in the home with a possible move to host 3D events in cinemas while people move to the new technology.

"We will absolutely be launching a service in 2010 and that service will be fundamentally different from the services we offer today," Brian Sullivan, managing director of Sky's customer group told before saying: "We are building our capability and we will be showing our first end-to-end sporting events soon, but I would not be surprised if the service materialises first out of the home, because it's also a question of consumers changing to the new 3D screens."

Sky has already said that they will be launching a 3D service in 2010 hoping to standardize the broadcast standard before a standard is set.

In development for over a year the service will not involve customers of its HD subscription package to upgrade any hardware. However it will require users to where polarized glasses and upgrade their televisions set to be 3D-ready.

However imaging and 3D expect John Lowry told Pocket-lint in an earlier interview that Sky could using current technology go 3D today without the need for its customers to upgrade their television sets.

The system, called TrioScopics 3D is similar to the system being used by Channel 4 in its 3D week running shortly. Both technologies require you to wear coloured glasses and are based on the Anaglyph method developed almost 150 years ago.