Sky could offer a 3D service from next week rather than next year according to imaging industry veteran John Lowry.

Lowry and his company have developed a new way to vastly improve anaglyph images so users can immerse themselves in the movie without, importantly, having to upgrade their television and set-top box.

"Our technology lets you use a standard Blu-ray/DVD player and a standard television screen. All you have to do is wear a pair of glasses," Lowry told Pocket-lint in a one to one interview.

Working over the last 2 years, Lowry has devised a system that is based on the anaglyph method, however, with green and magenta filters rather than the more traditional blue and red, vastly improving 3D viewing in the home and the cinema.

"The system works by merging two images together through a series of algorithms. It creates one image that can be encoded on a standard Blu-ray or DVD disc or a broadcast signal. Wearing the glasses lets your brain decode the image". Explained Lowry.

The new technology can be seen in action on a short 15-minute feature on the "Aliens versus Monsters" DVD due out in the US on 29 September or on "Coraline" in the UK from the 11 October.

We will be publishing the whole interview later in the week.

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