As we reported on Thursday Sky and Microsoft has confirmed that it will be offering the satellite broadcasters Sky Player on the Xbox 360 games console from the autumn in the UK.

The move, which is a first for Microsoft in the UK, means UK Sky subscribers will be able to get 20 Sky channels plus access to hundreds of videos without the need for a satellite dish in their home.

Tying in with Microsoft's "entertainment hub" approach, the deal, which has yet to be priced, will see Sky subscribers being able to stream Sky player content through the console via their broadband connection just like they can on their PC or Mac presently.

A Sky spokesman at the UK launch event confirmed to Pocket-lint that users won't be able to download content to play at a later date or access the service outside of the UK and that performance would be based on their internet connection speed.

In a move that is likely to appeal to football fans though, the Sky Player, which is accessed via the Xbox interface, will also be offering the chance for viewers to watch live games in a virtual stadium that allows fans to comment and chat via on screen messages or voice on the action on the screen as well as access key stats while the match is going on.

Sky has also confirmed to Pocket-lint that users will be able to buy a package similar to the current PC Sky Player that means they don't have to be a set-top box subscriber, a move that is clearly aimed at appealing to those who live in a house without a dish.

Microsoft failed to be drawn on the question as to whether or not it is working on a similar deal with the BBC and it's iPlayer on demand service.

The iPlayer is already available on Sony's PS3 and Nintendo's Wii consoles.