Sky successfully broadcast the UK's first live event in 3D to a domestic 3D TV set, via its satellite network and existing Sky+HD set-top boxes on Thursday 2 April.

The broadcast, part of a 3D music event co-produced by Sky, was a live performance by British rock band Keane.

Sky's live 3D transmission took place at London's Abbey Road studios as part of a three-screen 3D event that also involved a webcast and a broadcast to a 3D Vue cinema.

Sky says this is the first time a live event has been broadcast to a domestic 3D TV screen in the UK using polarisation technology.

Promising for the future of 3D TV, the content was delivered using existing Sky+HD infrastructure (including cameras, transmission facilities and satellite uplink/downlink) while playback, was via a Hyundai "3D Ready" TV, direct from a standard Sky+HD set-top box.

Sky says "this was not a product launch" but a stage in Sky's ongoing research and development into the technical possibilities and potential demand for 3DTV in the UK.