Sky claims that watching high definition television programmes can help improve the psychological well being of the viewer.

The astounding claim is being attributed to research conducted by Sky+HD and "renowned" psychologist and agony aunt Donna Dawson who you may have seen on UK Living TV's "Agony Hour" or during her ten-year tenure for Company magazine.

The claim is that with the UK suffering from "downturn depression" as a result of our economic woes, Sky says it has "proven" that watching HD telly can combat this gloom.

Dawson has created a "Happier Days TV Guide" that apparently identifies the "key visual factors that stimulate the brain, increase endorphin levels and release serotonin".

Programmes in the guide have been given an emotion-rating icon, such as "colour", "laughter", "music", "bonding", "escapism" and "inspirational" in order to highlight how each show can "help boost a viewer's mental well-being".

The Sky+HD "Happier Days TV Guide" can be downloaded from