3 has launched "3 on demand" mobile TV in the UK. 3 on Demand gives access to current live TV channels and mobile internet services from BBC iPlayer and Sky Mobile TV.

The service includes 3's existing streaming TV channels (3 Live) alongside a "host of new content" such as MTV Cribs, The Hills and South Park.

With pause and play functionality users can pause the full-length episodes and continue watching where they left off.

3 says subscribers will pay between £0.99 and £1.99 for a week's access to On Demand TV episodes.

A 3 exec said: "3 on Demand can deliver a wide range of full length TV shows in a high-quality and flexible manner, 3 customers can now liven up their commute, watch shows with friends on the go or even access favourites around the house without being limited to the room with the TV".