Sky is continuing to push its HD service with the announcement that it plans to launch an additional seven new HD channels in October trebling its HD offering from when it launched in 2006.

Although no date has been given, movie fans will be the most to benefit with six of the seven being part of the Sky Movies channels, with the seventh being Sky Real Lives HD.

Sky is hoping the move will convert more people to pay the extra £10 for the Sky HD service, which up until recently has been criticised for the lack of channels and content available.

New channels will mainly be HD simulcasts of current offerings: Sky Movies Action/Thriller HD,Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror HD, Sky Movies Drama HD, Sky Movies Modern Greats HD, Sky Movies Family HD, and Sky Movies Comedy HD.

Sky has said that it will offer a new Electronic Programme Guide in the UK in October, although no date has been set for the roll out which will be force pushed to customers.

It is expected that the new channels will be added at the same time.