Sky is on track to hit its target of of 10 million customers by 2010.

However, it has also reported that its ad revenue is down.

Sky added 92,000 satellite pay TV customers during the three months to the end of June.

This means that the company ended June with 8.98 million satellite pay TV customers.

However, it also gained 200,000 net broadband customers in the quarter to take its total broadband subscriber base to 1.62 million.

And there was also gains for the Sky+ High Definition service where the company won a further 33,000 customers, as well as 321,000 Sky+ customers.

Despite this, the company admitted that its ad revenues would fall during the second half of 2008.

The dispute with Virgin Media has hit revenue.

An argument over how much Virgin Media should pay to air these channels means that the former is not carrying channels including Sky One and Sky Sports News.