On-demand TV and internet TV are gathering more and more fans in the UK.

According to research by Redback Networks, which is owned by Ericsson, 57% of UK residents watch around 10 hours of either on-demand TV or pre-recorded TV each week.

In a survey of 2168 adults, funded by Redback, and conducted by YouGov, it was found that women are slightly more likely to watch on-demand TV than men, and the highest users of the service turned out to be over 55s and 18- to 24-year-olds at 60%.

27% of us are still using VHS machines to record TV with Sky+ the next most popular, but the percentage of people moving away from videos is increasing.

16% reportedly use internet services like BBC iPlayer to catch missed TV, and 11% are using on-demand TV services.

A spokesman for Redback said, however, that the increasing demand for watching video over the internet is impacting ISP's future plans especially as streaming traffic is superceding P2P video content downloads.

And viewer expectations are going up with 56% of those who watched internet TV or video responding that they would like better video content on the internet, 47% better internet TV quality, and 38% actually stated that they would like to watch more internet video content on TV, rather than by using their computers.

Unsurprisingly, the respondents also wanted more free content and better picture quality.

All of the findings from the survey are available on Redback’s website.