Sky, branching out ever further from satellite TV, has launched a new online storage service today: Sky Store & Share.

The scheme offers any internet user visiting a secure online location to safely upload and store documents, music, videos and photos.

Store & Share is available in three different packages with the Premium package apparently offering online users more storage space (60GB) and a lower monthly fee than any other UK broadband provider.

Store & Share means users can organise and store copies of their files securely online, and can access them from any computer connected to the Internet.

The Share part comes in with users given the option to select a photo, video or document, etc., and an email will be sent to their friends or family with a link to view and download the files that have been selected.

For those who want to use the service for data backup, and who opt for Standard and Premium accounts, a "Backup Manager" application can be downloaded and installed to back-up files and folders to the online storage space.

Users can also set Backup Manager to automatically scan selected files and folders for changes and keep them backed-up. The service can also be used to restore stored
files to their computer if they lose or delete them.

There are three different Store & Share account packages, the "Starter" option is completely free to any internet user, and includes 1GB storage.

For those requiring more storage space and automated back-ups then "Standard" offers 10GB storage and includes automated backups with Backup Manager for £2.50 a month.

The Premium pack offers 60GB online storage capacity for £4.50 a month and also includes automated backups with Backup Manager.