Sky has announced that it has connected its one millionth broadband customer and was named the UK's fastest growing broadband provider, connecting a new customer every 40 seconds.

This milestone was achieved just over a year after Sky connected its first broadband customer in August 2006.

To coincide with the announcement, Sky's PR folk have released some info from independent research, that they say reveals how crucial the internet is to everyday life:

* 82% of Sky Broadband customers use the Internet every day.
* Nearly a third (29%) spend more than 3 hours each day online.
* Around a half of those people using social networking sites use them every day.
* The living room is the most popular room for accessing the net, particularly for women, while more men than women access from the bedroom.
* The most popular activities are shopping, banking and keeping in touch with friends and family.

James Murdoch, Sky's CEO says, "We're not only the UK's fastest ever growing broadband provider, but we're also delivering a high quality service that is saving customers significant amounts of money. Thousands of customers are switching from other providers to get fast broadband that comes with Sky TV".