Sky is to scrap the existing £10 monthly subscription charge to the Sky+ service.

Through the forums on the DigitalSpy website, the Sky+ team have confirmed that:

"As of 1st July 2007, the Sky+ subscription charge of £10 will be removed for all Sky Digital customers subscribed to any Sky Digital package".

They go on to clarify that customers will not have to pay a subscription charge for Sky+ after the 1st July, regardless of which Sky Digital package they subscribe to or how long they've been a customer.

Existing Sky+ customers don't need to do anything – apparently you will receive a letter soon confirming in writing the cessation of charges.

Existing Sky, but not Sky+ customers who want to take advantage now-free Sky+ services after 1st of July can buy a Sky+ box for a one off charge of £99 with a 12 month Sky+ subscription, and an installation charge of £30.

It seems that the move is to try and entice more customers to enjoy the benefits of Sky+, another excerpt from the forum entry reads:

"Many of you have said that you want Sky+, but to get it, it needs to be more affordable. We believe that by removing the Sky+ subscription cost for Sky Digital customers, it will mean that more of you are able to enjoy the benefits of Sky+."