Sky has revamped its movie offering focusing on offering different genres of movies rather than a random selection of Movie channels one to nine.

In the change, Sky Cinema 1 and 2 go, as do the original naming, with Sky opting to ditch simultaneous SD and HD broadcasts of what was originally called Sky Movies 9 and Sky Movies 10.

New channels are Sky Premiere will offer all the latest movies the satellite broadcaster has to offer with Sky Premiere +1 offering the same but with a one hour delay.

Rather than just restrict the latest movies to Saturday night, Movies Premiere will pick 4 or 5 movies each week, and they'll play all week long.

Next up is Sky Comedy, Sky Action, Sky Family, Sky Drama, Sky SciFi/Horror, Sky Classics, Sky Indie offering movies classified by there genre while Sky Modern, will offer modern greats like The Godfather Trilogy, Mission Impossible and Sophie's Choice.

Finally for Sky HD customers, Sky is continuing to offer two HD movie channels, however with no simultaneous SD broadcast they won't be able to show friends the difference between the two definition qualities.

With the new channels, the broadcaster has re branded the channels with the new names accordingly.