Sky has announced that it has sold its 1 millionth movie download from Sky Anytime that delivers pay-per-download programs to the PC.

However the numbers aren't as impressive as they sound with the members only downloading on average 1 film every 3 months.

Last week, Flight Plan was the film downloaded to reach the landmark sale after a year of service.

Sky Anytime used to be known as Sky by Broadband, and gives users access to films, Sky programming, sports, and documentaries.

So what are customers viewing? The most popular film was House of Flying Daggers, with Starsky and Hutch and Layer Cake coming in second and third, respectively.

Other movies to make it into the top ten are The Girl Next Door, Sin City, and National Treasure.

Sky Anytime is also available for mobiles, so you can download and watch TV programmes and movies on a tiny, but portable, screen.