Sky has made a rather triumphant announcement to start off the new year, that the total number of Sky+ boxes installed has reached more than 2 million.

To accompany that bit of news, the company has also released the findings from its Sky View panel, which measures how customers use Sky+ to record or time-shift programming.

Nearly 40% of recorded programming is drama, while nearly 15% is documentaries. Entertainment and movies make up just 13% and 9.5% respectively.

News and weather, being live and timely broadcast, are recorded the least, at 1.6%.

Sky+ also measured the most popular series recorded by customers. Th X-Factor was by far the most popular, being recorded by 43.4%, while Eastenders topped Coronation Street, 42% to 37%.

Sky also quietly announced that it will be introducing a “new enhancement” to Sky+ later in 2007. It will give Sky+ customers the chance to view a week's programming on-demand, but no further details have been revealed.