Would you believe that the average Brit spends nearly 3 weeks of his short life searching for misplaced remote controls?

According to a new survey sponsored unsurprisingly by Sky for the launch of their new remote control, the average television watcher loses the remote 3.4 times a week and then spends more than 2 minutes looking for it.

No specifications as to the survey demographic was issued, but data from the report gives some hints.

One in five people polled argue about the remote every couple of nights, while 6% argue about it most evenings.

Eighty-seven per cent say that men are remote-hogs, while a third admit they’re happier when in control of the remote, and therefore, we assume, the programme being watched.

Other illuminating stats include that each home has an average of three remote controls, while 78% say they immediately change the channel when someone they don’t like appears on the telly.