The BBC is reporting that Sky has delayed the installation of 17,000 homes of its new HDTV service because its supplier has failed to deliver enough set-top boxes.

According to the news story posted earlier today many subscribers have been told they must wait several weeks for installation.

Sky said "more than enough" boxes were ordered but not all had arrived, and it was "very sorry" to let people down.

The news means that many who have ordered the service to watch the World Cup in HD will miss it, as they will have to wait until early August.

The issue has surfaced on internet discussion forums with users saying their installation date has been moved from this week to June or July.

Pocket-lint tried to contact Sky at the time of writing, however we have not yet had a comment back from the broadcaster.

"We're working hard to resolve the situation", Robert Fraser, Sky's head of corporate press, told the BBC.

"Thousands of customers will have their HD box this week and many more will be installed in time for the start of the World Cup. We'll do everything we can to bring HD to everyone as soon as possible."

Those who had ordered first would receive their equipment first, he added, saying the quantity of set-top boxes delivered to the company was expected to double in the next three weeks.