Sky has announced the details of its HD service. The satelite broadcaster has confirmed that customers who pre-order before the 5 April will be able to get it some time in May in time for the World Cup.

Sky emailed registered users this morning offering them the chance to pre-order Sky HD for a £30 deposit. Those not wishing to pay the deposit will have to wait until the service gets a public launch date, which so far hasn't been set.

The company has also set the price for the new set top box and membership fees.

Customers looking to upgrade from their existing package will be expected to pay £299 for the new HD box and a further £10 a month on top of their usual subscription charges. HD channels available will be dependent upon which subscription service you are currently with however those looking to get access to all of Sky's channels will be expected to pay £52.50.

New customers will be offered an introductory half price fee on the company's standard packages plus the addition £10 a month for HD, which after 3 months will revert back to its normal pricing structure.

According to the email installation is to begin in May on a first come first served basis.

Currently Sky has yet to announce details of the size of the hard drive of the box or how many tuners it will have.

We will keep you posted.