Pocket-lint has learnt that Sky will be launching its HD service in the UK on 1 April 2006.

The news comes following a call to Sky customer services after HD channels appeared in the company's Electronic Programme Guide early Tuesday morning.

When selecting one of the new HD channels we got the following message:

“Call 08702 404020 for further information on how to receive this HD channel.”

On calling the number, we were told by the operator that they had not been informed that the service had gone live, telling us that it was not due until 1 April.

So far we've only found two HD specific channels; SkyMov9HD and SkyMov10HD although both had content scheduled from 5pm daily throughout the coming week.

Highlights listed include SWAT, Bad Boys II, Jumanji and The Cable Guy.

Sky, is due to launch its HD service to customers sometime this year, however so far has not yet announced a specific date for the service.

We will keep you posted.


Following our story this morning Sky has confirmed that the HD channels will be appearing in the listings over the next month so people can see what they will be getting when the service. The company however has not confirmed the launch date.