Sky has updated its interactive TV guide in an attempt to make it easier for customers to access the 500 plus channels the broadcaster offers.

As well as a shake up of channel categories on the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), the company has also introduced a feature that will allow you to show seven-day TV listings for your favourite chosen channels.

In the re-organisation Documentaries gets their own category and Lifestyle and Culture, which include UK style and the Discovery Channel, has been moved further up the list of choices.

Because of the increase in genres now selectable, the familiar opening page of the TV Guide to regular Sky customers has been spilt into two pages. The second page now features Radio, Shopping, Religion, International, Gaming and Dating, Specialist and Adult.

With such a vast array of channels it seems the aim is to make everything more accessible. Its understandable considering there is over 40 shopping channels and 11 religion channels alone.