Sky is planning a major design overhaul of its basic entry-level digibox, sources have revealed to Digital Spy.

According to the site that covers showbiz and satellite news stories, "the new design for 2006 sports a silver wrap-around cover. Control buttons have been moved to the top of the box, with the four status LEDs remaining on the front. The main new design feature is a blue Sky logo in the middle of the front panel; when the box is on, this will illuminate in a soft blue colour. When a button is pressed on the remote, the logo will brighten for a couple of seconds before returning to the lower illumination level.

The new boxes, despite the radically updated design, will not have any functionality changes compared to Sky's existing digiboxes".

A spokesperson at Sky told us: "We're always looking to enhance our product range. We'll be able to provide more details as and when our plans are further advanced".

We will keep you posted.