Sky has unveiled its first plans provide content into homes without the need for a satellite dish.

Called Skybybroadband, the new offering will allow Sky digital customers to download films and highlights from major sporting events on Sky Sports directly to your PC.

Sky Sports will be available free of charge to Sky digital customers who already subscribe to Sky Sports 1 & 2, while Sky Movies 1 & 2 subscribers can get Sky Movies.

Sky customers who subscribe to the company's premium Sky World package can get both Sky Sports and Sky Movies from Sky by broadband at no extra cost.

However Sky does warn people to check with their service provider to make sure their download quota will be able to handle the large amounts of files required for the movies.

To get the films and highlights, Sky by broadband uses secure peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, powered by Kontiki, to distribute Sky Movies and Sky Sports videos via the Internet.

Once a movie or sports video has been downloaded, Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM) software will prevent unauthorised viewing and will automatically delete the movie or sports video from your PC once your license to view it expires.

Perhaps worried that the download service will promote piracy, Sky will only allow you to download the Sky by broadband application onto one PC in your home and you won't be able to transfer it to a portable device.

Download times are dependent on your internet connection type/speed, internet conditions and the size of the chosen video. Sky suggests as an example, that with a 1MB connection, the download will take approximately the same time as the length of the movie or sports video itself.

A 2-hour movie will be around 750 MB. Videos are encoded at a variable bit rate of 860 kbps, and resolution of 540x432.

To use the service, customers must have a Windows XP PC with at least 3Gb of spare space to download the files, although Sky recommends that they actually have 10Gb worth.

The company is still to set a launch date for the service however you can find out more information at