You could be watching your favourite TV programmes recorded on your Sky+ box on a portable media centre by the end of the year if information plassed to Pocket-lint is true. Pocket-lint has got word that Sky is planning on releasing a small handheld video device that will allow you to transfer and then watch programmes you've recorded with your Sky+ box.

The unit, which is likely to come in the guise of a no brand Portable Media Center means that you will be able to watch your favourite programmes on the move rather than being restricted to watching them just at home. on your television.

The possibility of such a device would be fairly easy to implement as the 160Gb Sky+ unit already comes with 2 USB sockets, although currently they are disabled.

You can already do this with Microsoft's Media Centre PC's and a windows based Portable Media Centre from manufacturers like iRiver and Creative.

In other related gossip, Sky is also rumoured to be testing a system that will allow to access the boxes Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) via a flash based interface on a 3G phone.

We will keep you posted.