Sky has announces new plans to give more power to parents in making sure their children aren't watching the wrong programmes at the wrong times.

The new upgrade, which will be rolling out over the summer will enable parents to restrict access to all channels or even to remove all listings for adult channels from Sky's Electronic Programme Guide.

The new controls, to be made available to all Sky and Sky+ boxes by Summer 2005, are in addition to the existing ratings and spending limits that are already available via the Parental Control facility.

The new Parental Control features will be introduced in two phases:

Phase 1 - Using the Sky remote control, concerned parents will be able to restrict viewing to any digital satellite channel including Free to Air channels and unrated programmes. They will be able to choose whether to restrict access at all times or to prevent viewing only after 8pm. To unlock access to a restricted channel, a household member will have to enter a unique four-digit PIN number using the Sky remote control.

Phase 2 - For the first time, parents will be able to remove all listings for adult channels from the Sky Guide. To reinstate the adult channels to the Sky Guide, the four-digit PIN code is required.