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(Pocket-lint) - Sky has pushed an update to its Sky Glass TV that improves its Playlist and Restart features.

Unlike Sky's regular, satellite-driven hardware, Sky Glass has no recording functionality. It instead allows you to create a "Playlist" of shows you'd like to watch later. These will be streamed over the internet, rather than stored on the device itself.

This system had its critics in the TV's early days but has been tweaked to operate more smoothly and intuitively. For example, the Playlist rail on the homepage will now play a show or movie straight away, rather than take the user to a show centre. Also, if it is currently on live TV, it will instantly restart without you going through extra steps to get it to start at the beginning.

The rail also includes everything you've started already, with a blue line under the show indicating where you left off. Clicking on it immediately starts from that point. Sky is working on a further update for the user to remove shows and movies from this rail.

There are also changes to the way live and future shows to the Playlist. Add a show yet to broadcast, and it won't appear in your Play now rail until it's actually live. And, add a live show and it'll instantly appear for you to start immediately.

Restart changes include a new rail in the TV Guide that appears at the top of each category. That way you can see all the programmes currently on that you can restart from the beginning.

BBC content can also now be restarted by pressing the red button when on a BBC channel and hitting Restart when it appears in the right-hand menu.


Writing by Rik Henderson.