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(Pocket-lint) - Sky customers with 2TB Sky Q boxes with the model number 32B0xx can now apply for an update to a HDR model.

The scheme - introduced after Sky launched its HDR service - was already in place for customers who didn't have compatible 1TB set-top-boxes, but now all non-HDR Sky Q boxes can be swapped.

There are a couple of caveats, however. For starters, the upgrade will cost you a £50 "set up fee". And, you'll lose all of your recordings stored on the existing box - which you can read all about here.

Still, those looking to get the best experience from their Sky Q service are sure to be tempted.

There are eight shows or series available to watch in 4K HDR on Sky now, with a further two to be released this month, September. Highlights include the entire second series of Brassic, Save Me Too, and the nature documentaries, Gangs of Lemur Island and Pridelands: Wilderness Reborn.

You can see all the supporting shows here: All the Sky Q shows currently available in 4K HDR.

Sky Cinema movies will start to adopt HDR from Christmas, while live sport in HDR is expected to start with the Olympics next year.

Sky will introduce HDR to its Netflix app and service soon - it is already available on Disney+.

To apply for a Sky Q 2TB HDR box, head to the dedicated web address here.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 2 September 2020.
  • Source: Sky Finally Starts To Roll Out 2TB Sky Q HDR Upgrade Boxes - forbes.com
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