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(Pocket-lint) - The Premier League returned to action last night, Wednesday 17 June, and not without a fair slice of controversy.

Not only did a rare Hawk-Eye slip-up result in a clear Sheffield United goal being missed, and Arsenal's David Luiz marking the occasion with the sort of bungling performance you'd more expect from a 1970s sitcom, but Sky Sports debuted its FIFA 20-powered crowd noise.

Some cheered, some moaned, and that was just on Twitter.

To say the noise polarised opinion is an understatement. The Twitterverse went into overdrive, with some complaining that it was too repetitive and droning, others that it drowned out the barking of the players and manager.

Fans of the respective home teams, Aston Villa and Manchester City, even complained that the songs were wrong.

How to switch off the Sky Sports crowd noise

Some didn't even realise that you could watch the match without the crowd noise on a separate channel: Sky Sports Main Event had the noise. Sky Sports Premier League did not. Both had commentary.

Ourselves? We liked it (well, associate editor Dan and myself did). I'm an eager FIFA 20 player anyway, so am used to its artificially-induced ebbs and flows during a match, plus the not quite distinguishable club songs in the background.

There were two areas where it didn't quite work, however. One, it didn't seem right to have applause and cheering when Manchester City's Eric Garcia was on the ground receiving treating for a serious injury. That's something that the person with the "FIFA" button really needs to address.

And two, you couldn't get an Ultra HD feed of the match without it. The only option for non-crowd noise coverage was on the HD-only PL channel.

How to fix the Sky Sports Ultra HD football no sound issue

Indeed, if like us you tested the new red button highlights feature at any point during either match, you likely also ended up with no sound on the UHD presentation AT ALL.

And, when switching back to Main Event or PL channels, the lack of sound followed until you restarted your Sky Q box.

This happened to a LOT of people, we were strangely pleased to find out (as it meant our own setup wasn't faulty). And, thankfully, there is a fix if it happens again.

You just need to switch off your Sky Q box, unplug the power lead at the back, wait a few beats, plug it back in, and wait for it to reboot and restart. Sound should then return to the Ultra HD presentation.

However, this is a lengthy process and is not likely something we'll want to do during a match we have more of a vested interest in (Everton v Liverpool on Sunday, for example), but it's something to remember for half-time, perhaps.

Better still, Sky will hopefully have fixed the issue come its next round of matches. And, maybe added a "crowd in shocked silence" mode for injuries, to boot.

If not, the whole crowd noise experience might end up being a gesture as empty as the stadiums themselves.

For us, that'd be a shame, although ironically it might have the more vocal Twitteratti cheering from the rafters.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 18 June 2020.