At the start of the lockdown and as a result of the vast majority of live sports being suspended, both Sky and BT allowed you to suspend your Sky Sports and BT Sport subscriptions.

One paused the service while the other offered bill credit for the duration of downtime.

However, live sport is gradually coming back, with Bundesliga footy action back on BT Sport and the Premier League announcing its return to live matches from 17 June.

What does that mean for your paused sports subscription though?

We explain what you have to do to get your sub up and running again, and when you will have to pay from.

How to resume your Sky Sports subscription

If you paused your Sky Sports subscription you'll find it will resume automatically. You don't actually have to do anything - it will continue as usual.

Billing for those on Complete Sky Sports, single channel packs, and two or three channel packs will resume in June. However, you won't have to pay for any coverage before 19 June 2020 (when Sky hosts its first live Premier League match of the restart).

If you only subscribe to Sky Sports F1, you will not have to pay anything until the first live Grand Prix of the new season. The date is yet to be announced.


How to resume your BT Sport subscription

If you pay for BT Sport through your Sky bill, it too will continue to be available with billing starting on 19 June 2020 - as with Sky Sports.

If you pay BT directly, either for access on Sky, BT TV or another device or service, you will receive another bill credit for June to the tune of 50 per cent. Your subscription will continue as normal, so you are essentially getting half-off for the duration.

"With the return of live Bundesliga, UFC and now the Premier League in June, we can confirm that as a gesture of goodwill we will also be offering customers a further bill credit to the value of 50% of their BT Sport monthly subscription," said BT in a statement.

Also note, those who requested their bill credit to go to NHS Charities instead will also have their additional 50 per cent automatically donated too.

And, those who have yet to request bill credit from BT Sport can still do so for June at

How to resume your Sky Sports or BT Sport subscription through Virgin Media

We're still waiting on official details from Virgin Media about resumption of either service. However, it too informed customers in March that billing will resume automatically once coverage returns.

At present, we don't have a specific date for the resumption of payments.

In the meantime you can check details on the dedicated Virgin Media website here.