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(Pocket-lint) - Sky has announced what it is calling a ground-breaking deal with a UK broadcaster. It has partnered with Channel 4 to ensure F1 still has a presence on terrestrial TV, and the two services are working more closely to present TV shows to a wider audience.

Channel 4's TV rights for Formula One coverage expire with the current season, so there was pressure to strike some form of deal for continued terrestrial TV showings.

The outcome is that Channel 4 will show highlights of all Grand Prix in 2019 and live coverage of the British Grand Prix next July.

That's significantly lower than the number of live races shown this season. Channel 4 has and will show 10 full races this year. It has the Singapore, Japan, USA and Abu Dhabi Grand prix yet to come.

However, some thought that there would be no F1 on terrestrial TV from next year at all, so this represents a breakthrough.

As well as the racing, Channel 4 will broadcast Sky's own Tin Star TV series, starring Tim Roth. It will be shown at prime time on 4 shortly before the second season hits Sky Atlantic in early 2019.

In return, Sky will get Channel 4 box sets to present to customers on its many platforms, including Sky Go and Now TV. The first will be the third season of No Offence, starting from Thursday 13 September.

Writing by Rik Henderson.