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(Pocket-lint) - Sky has released its year end financial results for 2017/18 and among the numbers and forecasts lies an interesting commitment to improving the voice control capabilities for Sky Q.

Sky Q can currently search for content across the platform through simple voice commands - even quotes from specific movies. However, accessibility will soon get better.

The company is to start trials later this year to introduce more advanced voice recognition, with the eventual hope that the voice interactivity options could lead to you ditching your Sky Q remote entirely.

It will add the ability to ask your Sky Q box to record shows, for example, something it isn't yet capable of.

Many other features are planned and we'll learn about them in time.

Sky's group chief executive, Jeremy Darroch, sees speech recognition as an important evolutionary step for the platform: "You can't lose your voice down the back of the sofa," he said.

As well as voice control, Sky revealed in its results that the long-awaited addition of HDR to Sky Q programming will take a little longer than previously expected. It was suggested that it would be added later this year, maybe even in time for the start of the Premier League football season in August. However, the report confirms that it will now not be available until 2019.

The other expected new features, such as personalised profiles, kids mode and Netflix are still imminent.

Writing by Rik Henderson.