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(Pocket-lint) - After the controversial conclusion to last season, there are more eyes on this year's F1 championship than ever. Can Lewis Hamilton make up for that last lap disappointment or will Max Verstappen win the championship again to further cement his place in history?

Of course, there could even be a shock contender at the top, with several drivers having switched teams, Ferrari suddenly right back in the mixer and George Russell gaining a seat at Mercedes.


So how can you watch it unfold? What races are still to go on the calendar and will it all be broadcast in 4K UHD? How about HDR? Find out here.

When is the next F1 2022 race?

The main calendar this season kicked off fully on 18 March, with practice for the Bahrain Grand Prix leading into the first race itself on Sunday 20 March 2022. That's in the rearview mirror now, of course, and we've already come a long way.

Here are all the planned Grand Prix and their practice, qualifying and race weekends, including those that have already happened. Note, the Russian GP has been cancelled altogether following the country's invasion of Ukraine.

  • Bahrain: 18-20 March 2022
  • Saudi Arabia: 25-27 March 2022
  • Australia: 8-10 April 2022
  • Italy (Emilia Romagna): 22-24 April 2022
  • United States (Miami): 6-8 May 2022
  • Spain: 20-22 May 2022
  • Monaco: 27-29 May 2022
  • Azerbaijan: 10-12 June 2022
  • Canada: 17-19 June 2022
  • Great Britain: 01-03 July 2022
  • Austria: 08-10 July 2022
  • France: 22-24 July 2022
  • Hungary: 29-31 July 2022
  • Belgium: 26-28 August 2022
  • Netherlands: 02-04 September 2022
  • Italy (Monza): 09-11 September 2022
  • Singapore: 20-02 September/October 2022
  • Japan: 07-09 October 2022
  • United States (Austin): 21-23 October 2022
  • Mexico: 28-30 October 2022
  • Brazil: 11-13 November 2022
  • Abu Dhabi: 18-20 November 2022

How to watch the F1 2022 season on TV in the UK

All races are broadcast live by Sky on the Sky F1 channel for Sky Sports subscribers, with practice and qualifying days too. That means that it is available for Now customers with Sports membership, plus Sky Q and Sky Glass customers who also take a Sky Sports package.

To get 4K Ultra HD coverage, you need a compatible Sky Q 1TB or 1TB UHD box, Sky Sports membership and an Ultra HD add-on. You'll also need a 4K TV.

Sky Glass owners need the "Sky Sports" and "Sky Ultra HDR and Dolby Atmos" add-ons to get 4K coverage.

This season is also available with HDR (much like Premier League football). Sky has confirmed that it is being shown in "Ultra HDR" for those with compatible Sky Q boxes or Sky Glass.

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You can check if your Sky Q box is HDR-enabled in our guide here.

How to watch the F1 2022 season on iPhone, iPad or Android in the UK

The Sky Sports F1 channel is available to Now account holders with Sports membership. It is also streamed live at no extra cost on the Sky Go app for Sky TV customers with a Sky Sports subscription.

How to watch the F1 2022 season for free in the UK

Channel 4 continues to hold the highlights rights for F1 2022 in the UK.

You can, therefore, watch highlights packages of the qualifying sessions and races on Channel 4 and its All 4 streaming service after they have finished.

The highlights are generally shown the next day after a race, but this depends entirely on the time difference in question, so do check your TV schedule on a race weekend to be sure.

How to watch the F1 2022 season in the US

The US TV rights for the F1 2022 season are shared between ESPN and ABC.

Races are therefore shown on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC in the States.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Editing by Britta O'Boyle.