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(Pocket-lint) - Sky has announced that it will be bringing its full Sky Q television service to those who cannot or will not install a satellite dish.

The inability to have a satellite dish has been a barrier to getting Sky's TV services since they started more than 25 years ago. Many homes are unable to have dishes due to being listed buildings or through council restrictions, which has prevented inhabitants from subscribing.

Sky's new scheme will therefore expand its reach. It will deliver its Sky Q experience over broadband as well as the existing satellite transmission.

Sky Q partly works through a broadband connection anyway, with boxes requiring internet to stream catch-up and on demand content, even populate the content and metadata rich menu systems. It makes sense that a version of the box will also stream live channels too.

Clearly, the company has learned much from its Now TV service, which is entirely fed over an internet connection.

Sadly, the Sky Q over broadband service won't be available until 2018 and we don't have any further details at present, including the internet bandwidth required to run it, but this is a significant step in getting paid-for TV services to as broad an audience as possible.

Sky also announced a new My Sky app for customers to keep up to date with their bills, broadband speeds and other account options.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 26 January 2017.