Sports fans with a Sky Q box are in for a treat as there is a new feature that will help them enjoy tense action like never before.

A Sports Split Screen mode makes great use of the Sky Q boxes' many tuners in order to present different ways to keep up-to-date with all that's going on with football, F1 or other events.

Sports Split Screen: Live Streams gives you the option to watch two live streams at the same time, such as two footy matches or tennis games side-by-side. This will certainly come into its own during the last day of the Premier League, for instance.

Race Choice will also present two different camera angles during Formula One coverage.

Sports Split Screen: Video Clips gives you the option to catch up with highlight clips from the Premier League or F1 while continuing to watch a live match or race at the same time.

Sky Q customers can access the latter by pressing the red button on their remote and opening the Sky Sports app on screen. That will then offer Match Choice or Race Choice.

The update that introduced the new sports features also adds several additional main TV options. Auto download next episode, now makes sure the shows you love will be ready to view immediately.

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