British tech firm Bush has announced a Digital TV Recorder that gives access to your stored programmes even when you are out and about.

Thanks to ShowDrive support, users can record TV shows on the new set-top-box and watch them on mobile devices over Wi-Fi or mobile broadband connections.

It is similar to the headline feature of the Sky Q box, Fluid Viewing, which also gives remote access to recordings stored on the box. However, ShowDrive does it through the cloud.

Users sign up for a basic or deluxe ShowDrive account and recordings are stored in the cloud ready to be viewed on any device capable of accessing the internet, mobile or computer.

What's more, a monthly subscription fee can yield greater storage than any set-top-box is capable of. For £1.99 a month, users get 35 hours worth of HD content storage, but for £5.99 a month, user get a whopping 350 hours of storage for HD programming.

Bushbush digital tv recorder has fluid viewing style features without needing sky q image 2

Additional Digital TV Recorders can be used in other rooms too, making it a full multiroom solution. They can also access a user's ShowDrive account and the content stored thereon.

The Bush Digital TV Recorder comes with two HD tuners, so is capable of recording one channel while watching another, or recording two shows simultaneously. It will be available from 30 August from Argos, priced at £99.99.

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