(Pocket-lint) - Sky has announced its new Sky Kids app which aims to keep your children entertained. It will be available from 31 March, arriving just in time to help keep them busy over the Easter holiday.

The Sky Kids app, available for iPad and some Android tablets, will feature cartoon characters called Sky Buddies that guide the child through the experience. They will help find the thousands of live and on demand kids shows available which are all suitable for under nine year olds.

Thanks to multiple personal account logins the app will be tailored to suit the user. Lucy Murphy, Sky's head of kids content says: "It's an intensively personal experience. Whether you're a 3-year-old girl or an 8-year-old boy, when you open up the Sky Kids app, it will feel like yours."

Sky has also announced it will introduce its own original content, along with Aardman Animation, including relaunching the loveable Morph as a kid's show.

Sky has said it is committed to improving the app, already. It plans to offer the ability to download shows onto the device to watch later. It will also add new Buddies animations including yawning to show when it's time for bed – something a parent can set so content shuts off at a certain time.

The Sky Kids app will be available from 31 March in both iOS and Android app stores and is free to Sky customers with a Variety bundle or higher.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.