(Pocket-lint) - It's been known since the unveiling of Sky Q last year that the Sky Q Silver box would be getting Ultra HD programming at some point in its future, we just didn't know when.

The main box in the Sky Q line-up has the required HDMI output to transmit 4K images, but that functionality will only be turned on when there are actually broadcast Ultra HD shows and movies to play.

Now it seems that the cat is out of the bag, with a Sky executive revealing that the pay TV company will start its own 4K Ultra HD channels this summer.

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Speaking at the Connected TV Summit in London, director of strategy for Sky, Nick Herm, announced that the company plans to launch UHD TV services "in time for the summer".


In addition, he revealed that the new Now TV box, which was first unveiled in a teaser in January, will not just offer online streamed services like the current Now TV device, but a digital TV tuner too.

This will make it an ideal solution for those who cannot have a Sky satellite dish as part of their home setup.

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It will be able to receive the gamut of terrestrial channels offered on Freeview, yet also offer Sky Atlantic, Sky Sports, Sky Movies and the other subscription services through an internet connection. It's a compelling choice.

It is also believed that, because of its shape and similarity to the Roku 4 set-top-box available in the States, it will be 4K-capable.

The new Now TV box is also slated for a summer release.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.