(Pocket-lint) - On the build up to the formal announcement of Sky's new TV service much was speculated about it embracing 4K ultra high definition as a new premium channel offering. However, UHD ended up being a footnote at the end of the presentation of Sky Q, with a simple mention that it is capable of outputting video at that resolution and that the broadcaster plans to launch its 4K service later in 2016.

At launch, Sky Q will not have any 4K content available for customers, even though the higher-end Silver box is "UHD-ready".

Better news is that Sky's reasoning for delaying the launch of its ultra high definition service is that it doesn't just want to get content out there for the sake of it. It wants to ensure that any new channels are the best available in the UK.

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Speaking to Pocket-lint during the Sky Q unveiling, Sky's director of brand, TV, Luke Bradley-Jones, reaffirmed the company's commitment to 4K broadcasting and explained to us that, like HD originally, it will have the widest range of content when it launches next year.

"[Sky Q] is absolutely UHD-ready and we’re launching in 2016. And when we do launch it will be the UK’s most comprehensive UHD service. It’s not going to be just a load of live sport, it’s going to be movies and entertainment," he said.

"When we launch we are going to offer a broader range of UHD than you will get anywhere else.

"It’s a really important part of making the viewing experience in the home the best it can possibly be."

We also learnt from other sources at Sky that its 4K content could be delivered by satellite and internet. It is likely to utilise both transmission technologies.

Sky Q is Sky's new family of premium television products and will be coming early 2016.

Writing by Rik Henderson.