(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has confirmed to Pocket-lint that Sky Go is finally coming to Xbox One.

With access to Sky TV already available on PS4, PS3 and, more relevantly, Xbox 360, it is a feature that has been requested by a large swathe of Xbox One owners - specifically those with existing Sky Go Extra subscriptions who want to watch programming in another room.

Like the other versions on console, rather than Sky Go, the app is likely to be called TV from Sky but it will still offer all the benefits of the broadcaster's live and on demand streaming service. Subscribers who pay for Sky Go Extra will be able to access a healthy list of channels to watch on their console in addition to Sky's long list of catch-up and on demand content. This includes many digital box sets of shows and movies.

Sky's other streaming service, Now TV is already available on Xbox One, but the TV from Sky app will have a greater list of entertainment channels available. Sky Go Extra subscribers will also be able to register other devices (up to four in total) to be able to watch shows and films when on the move, for example. The iOS and Android applications also provide the ability to download content to view offline.

All Sky subscribers can use Sky Go on mobile platforms, PCs or Macs as part of their regular package. But that is restricted to two registered devices and they cannot download programming or use their subscription with a games console without upgrading to Sky Go Extra for an additional £5 a month.

We are yet to find out exactly when the TV from Sky app will be available on Xbox One, but it is "coming".

Writing by Rik Henderson.