(Pocket-lint) - Sky has confirmed that it will me letting movie fans go back to the start of the movie even if they've started watching half way through.

The feature already available on Sky Italia for some time now allows customers to go back to the start of a movie regardless of when they decide to watch.

"We’ll bring it to the UK later this year – just one easy example of sharing best practice across the group," explained Jeremy Darroch, head of Sky, at a talk at the Media & Telecoms conference in London on Tuesday.

Talking to Pocket-lint, a spokeswoman for the company confirmed that the service will likely only work with movies to begin with and is still in the early stages of being finalised for the UK audience. 

It is expected that viewers who opt to watch a movie will be offered a "watch from the start" download link via Sky's EPG.

Darroch also confirmed that over two thirds of its customers are now connected and that on demand downloads are up 40 per cent year-on-year. In fact such is Sky customers appetite for on demand shows that pay content, such as the company's box set offering, is out stripping, free-to air content like that from iPlayer by a ratio of two to one, or in other words - for every piece of on demand free-to-air content that’s watched customers are watching two paid pieces of content.

Sky expects "Restart" to be here before Christmas.

This is how the Italians tried to explain it to Sky Italia customers in 2014:

Writing by Stuart Miles.