(Pocket-lint) - Early adopters of the EE TV box will be pleased to hear that its creators have rewarded them by already announcing Sky's NOW TV is arriving soon.

NOW TV allows viewers to enjoy Sky content over their internet connection without the need to pay for a long contract of channels with Sky. NOW TV on EE TV means owners of the box can access Sky movies, sports and TV shows on their TV.

Sky's NOW TV will cost extra on top of any fees paid for the EE TV box since it's a subscription within the box's apps. This makes 18 total apps available on EE TV just for on demand viewing.

NOW TV gives access in what it calls passes. The Sky Movies Pass costs £10 and offers a full month of all the movies on Sky's movie channels including 16 premieres across 11 channels totally over 1,000 films.

The Sky Sports Day Pass is £7 and gives access to all 7 Sky Sports channels, while a week pass is £11 for the same channel access.

The Entertainment Month Pass is £7 and includes 250 box sets and 13 channels including Sky Atlantic which shows Game of Thrones.

The NOW TV app will be available to EE TV customers from 12 March.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.