(Pocket-lint) - To celebrate the return of Game of Thrones on 13 April in the UK, 12 April in the US, Sky has allied with HBO to bring its rather unique exhibition of memorabilia and interactive sideshows to London's O2 arena. And what's more, Sky Atlantic gave away tickets to visit for free.

Sadly, the exhibition is now sold out and as it ends on 17 February, you will have to be super eagle-eyed to spot a competition to win entry. However, never fear; Pocket-lint gives you the next best thing as we visited the event and grabbed a whole stack of pictures so you can at least see some of the costumes and attractions from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, if you fancy a jaunt to another European city, the exhibition is partnering with other broadcasters across the continent to bring the thrills to other countries. It will visit cities including Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid and Paris, so make sure you keep an eye out for local information.

Back to the London event and some of the major attractions include a chance to be burned alive by a dragon (via a video effect, of course), the ability to be turned into a White Walker, and there is a replica throne of swords to sit in. There is also an Oculus Rift experience which transports you to the top of the wall at Castle Black, which we have to say is well worth the 30 minutes or so of queuing time.

Before you enter the exhibition you are advised to sign up on the dedicated website at gotexhibit.com where you can choose which Westeros House you ally yourself to (we chose House Stark, naturally). This will give you a different message on the site when you log in next (from one of the specific characters) and you will then be able to get any pictures or video you have taken during the experience from your log in page.

And on the way out you can also grab some GoT goodies from the pop-up HBO shop, which has some exclusive items specific to the exhibition. Some collectors might fancy popping down there especially, even if they don't have tickets to the event. You can also find a selection of the stuff on offer at hboshopeu.com.

We thoroughly enjoyed our couple of hours meandering through Westeros and boy are we now gasping for April to come along and the fifth series to start. We're sure you are too. Until then, have a flick through the images in our gallery above.

Writing by Rik Henderson.