The Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer has officially been on the internet for only six hours and already it's accrued over two million views on YouTube. And that's just the official version, not the many reposts that have since appeared.

Aired for the first time yesterday on HBO in the US, the trailer has plenty in it but is cunningly constructed so as not to give too much away. Basically, the new series will pick up directly from where Season 4 left off and all hell, it seems, is about to break loose.

HBO will debut the first episode on 6 April in the States, with Sky Atlantic airing the opening show the day after - at 9pm on Monday 9 April. It will also be available on catch-up on Sky if you can't watch it at that time.

Now TV users can subscribe to the Entertainment Pack to get Sky Atlantic and several other channels. It will cost £4.99 a month - as long as you take the package by 31 March - and is not contracted, so technically you can cancel the rolling monthly amount as soon as the series is over. You might decide not to, of course, especially as new series of Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and others are all being aired exclusively on the channel too this year.

Roll on April.