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(Pocket-lint) - Sky has released an update for its Sky+ app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android that adds the feature to download On Demand shows to your Sky+HD box.

This means you can choose shows from the Showcase, Catch Up TV, TV Box Sets or Sky Movies sections and set them to download using your phone wherever you are in the world. Your Sky+HD box will then immediately download the content and ready it for you to watch when you return home.

The update also adds the ability to view the week's best TV and movies in the Showcase section of On Demand even when you are not connected to your Sky+HD box.

To use the new download feature you will need to have the latest software installed on your Sky+HD box. The updated Sky+ app is available for free through iTunes or Google Play respectively. And you will need to initially connect the app to your box before being able to use the new functionality.

"The Sky+ app is incredibly popular with our customers," said Luke Bradley-Jones, Sky's brand director of TV products. "Over 2 million use the app every month and in October alone over 2.4 million shows were set to record using it."

Writing by Rik Henderson.