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(Pocket-lint) - Sky has posted its Q1 financial year results (July-September) and one of its biggest successes in the period is in the number of Sky Go user who have taken a paid Sky Go Extra subscription.

Although Sky Go is a free service to Sky TV customers, who can watch live or catch-up TV on their iOS or Android devices, PCs, Macs or Xbox 360s, the Extra subscription adds the ability to register an additional two devices to the two allowed for free. It also offers the ability to download any of the content to watch offline.

It costs an extra £5 a month - unless you're already a multiscreen subscriber - and 219,000 people have taken a subscription in the quarter. That raises the total to 385,000.

There's still some way to go for Sky to convince all of its Sky Go users, who now total 3.291 million, but Sky will be happy with the rapid growth.

Other statistics gleaned from the financial results include the fact that more Sky+HD customers are connecting their set-top-boxes to the internet for catch-up TV, on-demand films and programming and more.

Perhaps boosted by the Wi-Fi-included new STBs, 3.351 million now have their boxes connected to the 'net. That's a rise in the quarter of 642,000. Again, not everybody is getting the message, with the number of HD customers totalling 4.893 million, but it's getting there.

In revenue terms, BSkyB made £1.843 billion in the last quarter, with £285 million as adjusted operating profit.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 17 October 2013.