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(Pocket-lint) - In a UK first, Sky has broadcast a live event using 4K Ultra High Definition. The event was to show that Sky has the technology to support 4K UHD and to assess its future potential.

Sky filmed and broadcast Saturday's West Ham versus Stoke football game using four Sony F55 UHD cameras backed by two UHD EVS servers. They allowed Sky's in-house football production and broadcast team to direct, produce and edit the game live to be fed to a Sony 84-inch Ultra HD TV at its headquarters in West London.

While this wasn't available for those who have spent £25,000 on a Sony UHD 4K TV themselves, it's a step in the right direction. Sky can now assess interest after showing live broadcast is physically possible - if only on a one-to-one scale right now.

In the wake of BBC dropping 3D and Sky not offering Wimbledon in 3D this year, UHD is the next direction for television. This will become even more apparent this week at IFA where Sony, Samsung and Acer should be unveiling smartphones and tablets with 4K video recording capabilities.

So homemade 4K UHD content will have to suffice for the time being. But with Sky making waves on the 4K front it might not be long before your TV needs a UHD upgrade.

Writing by Luke Edwards.