Sky's new Pub Challenge app gives you the chance to win all sorts of amazing prizes, including Premier League tickets, weekly £2500 prizes and an annual £20,000 grand prize. And remarkably, all you need to do is go to a Sky Sports pub. 

The app, available on Android and iPhone, can be played only when you're in a pub showing Sky Sports. But, conveniently, the app will find one near to you if you're stuck. Once you've checked-in there are real-time questions, pre and post-match trivia for earning points, and a leader board to check for your position in the season. It sounds like an ideal way to enhance a slow game and, since it's free, you might as well get involved for a chance to win the prizes.

Of course, the sceptical might suggest that this is a way to encourage customers to go to only legitimate Sky Sports pubs, rather than those that get their footie from European satellites. Or maybe BT. But not us, we're not even slightly sceptical.